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Directions to the Horse Creek Bed and Breakfast---from Hardin, Montana

( Easily found --- trust these directions and refer to the Montana State Map as well ---the roads are on the map)

1. From the Interstate 90 off ramp - exit 497-- turn west towards Hardin. You will only drive approximately 300 feet to find a paved road on your left marked Highway 384.

2. Turn left onto Highway 384 (you are now driving parallel to Interstate 90 heading south).

3. Drive approximately ¼ mile to the bridge over the Bighorn River and another ¼ mile to the underpass of the Interstate 90 where you will find the 384 Highway sign pointing left (or east).

4. Turn left. You are heading east now. You will now be guided by “mile marker” signs. These signs are found on any highway / Interstate as markers, helping to identify location. These signs are approximately 8 inches wide and 14 inches tall---green body with white lettering and border. These signs are located on your right hand side (the south side of the road) and are exactly one mile apart. You will drive to mile marker 31. Between mile markers 31 and 32, you will find a sign on your right for the Horse Creek Road (the sign is approximately 10 inches tall and 3 feet wide—green body / white lettering)

5. Turn right and note your odometer reading because you will travel 5 miles exactly from this turnoff to the location of the Horse Creek Bed and Breakfast.

6. At approximately 4½ miles you will find a house on your left, and at approximately 4¾ miles, you will drive past a light tan colored house on your left with metal and wood buildings for ranch animals (cows and horses). Another ¼ mile and on the right side is the Horse Creek B&B sign -4 feet tall by 7 feet wide-can’t miss it!

Travelers to Montana have to learn to trust maps and directions because of the wide open spaces-but, rest assured, the destinations you seek are there.
There is a little pioneer spirit in all of us-the excitement of exploring and discovering.
Those of us who live in Montana know by experience the enjoyment of living on these lands and enjoy sharing it with visitors.

Watch for wildlife and enjoy the drive-about 30 minutes.