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Directions to the Horse Creek Bed and Breakfast---from Colstrip, Montana

(Easily found --- trust these directions and refer to the Montana State Map -- the road is on the map)

1. From the Town Pump gas station, turn south onto highway 39 heading to Lamedeer. You will only drive ½ mile on Highway 39 to the paved Castle Rock Road on your right.

2. Turn right onto the Castle Rock road (you are heading west now) and stay on the pavement driving past the Western Energy Coal Mine. You will stay on the pavement until it ends (approximately 8 miles).

3. From the paved road, you will drive onto the county dirt road (still Castle Rock road)-- well maintained because it is heavily traveled (maybe even to be paved soon). 2 miles past the end of the pavement, you will come to a junction with the westbound road marked Horse Creek.

4. You will turn left onto this county road --you are still heading west. You will go over a very definite ridge at 8 miles and drop down into the drainage called Horse Creek. You canít mistake this very obvious ridge, so rest assured.

5. From this ridge, you drive the last 4 miles and will see the sign on your left side - the Horse Creek B&B sign -4 feet tall and 7 feet wide-canít miss it!

Travelers to Montana have to learn to trust maps and directions because of the wide open spaces-but, rest assured, the destinations you seek are there.
There is a little pioneer spirit in all of us-the excitement of exploring and discovering.
Those of us who live in Montana know by experience the enjoyment of living on these lands and enjoy sharing it with visitors.

Watch for wildlife Ėelk herds and deer rove the countryside.

The scenery is beautiful--enjoy the drive-about 25 minutes.